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SANTA ROUTE. We finally believe that we have heard from everyone. Please note that we will be updating the Facebook page as we travel so please keep an eye on here to know where Santa is in the township. We will not be going down most side roads so if you see your road listed please see if we say the end of the road or not. If it says end of please be at the end of the road to see the Clauses. Thank you see you Sunday.

So the route will be as follows starting at 3pm on Sunday:

End of Carla drive/Cole Trailer Park

Leaving Carla drive we will be heading down 168 to Louthan Road

Louthan to Old Darlington Road

Old Darlington to 168/51

51 to Pinehurst at the entrance we will not be traveling through the whole development.

Once we leave Pinehurst we will be heading to 168 and up Hodgson road and stopping at Crawford Campground.

Hodgson to Cole road

Cole Road to Martin road

Martin to Sportsman Road

We will stop at the end of Cordak Dr.

Stop at the end of Francis Dr and Sportsman

then Georgetown Rd to Beaver Valley Nursing and Rehab

Then Stop at the end of Lapeer Dr

We then will head down Blackhawk Rd to Arrowhead Dr

Arrowhead to Pinecrest and the back around on Blackhawk road to Elmbrook.

Elmbrook to Arcadia Gymnastics we will stop here for the residents in Elmbrook Estates 1 & 2 and Elmbrook Country Court please bring your children here.

Leaving there and going to Carol Rose Drive

From Carol Rose we will go to the end of Gill Drive.

We will then head up McClain Road to Blackhawk Road.

Blackhawk Road to Old Blackhawk rd.

Old Blackhawk to the end of Grange.

Continuing down to Allen road and from Allen to court road.

From Court Road, we will be heading to our final stop at the South Beaver Township Park. If we did not come down your road and you would like to see Santa and Mrs. Clause please meet us there.

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