Dan McLean (Police Chief)  Kevin A. Brett (Twp. Engineer) George Patterson II (Solicitor) Jack Mintier  (Supervisor)

Robert Wood ( Supervisor Chairmen) Tom Miller (Supervisor) Ashley Carr (Twp Secretary, Treasure) Larry McCandless (Fire Chief)

South Beaver Supervisors

The Supervisors are governed by the Second Class Township Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The functions and purposes of South Beaver's Supervisors are vast and varied. The three individuals seated on the Board of Supervisors are elected at-large to serve a six year term. Among their responsibilities they are responsible for adopting ordinances that regulate Township activities, establishing policy decisions and adopting the annual budget.

Supervisors:                                               Term Expires on:



Robert Wood            Chairman                           2020


Jack Mintier              Vice Chairman                   2022


Tom miller                 Supervisor                         2024


Township Secretary, Treasure 


Ashley Carr                        724-846-9320    sobeaver@comcast.net

                                   Fax  724-843-8997

Township Road Master


Robert Wood                     724-846-9320   sobeaver@comcast.net



Township Engineer


Kevin A. Brett, P.E.            kbrett@lsse.com


Township Zoning Officer


John R. Heyl, P.E. CPESC jheyl@lsse.com



Township Solicitor


George Patterson ll            724-846-9100    geopatt@comcast.net



Lennon, Smith, Souleret

Engineering, Inc

Civil Engineering & Surveyors

846 Fourth Ave,

Coraopolis, PA 15108


(412) 264-4400

(422) 264-1200

Planning Commission Board                    Term Expires on:


Jim Perenovich                                                    2024

Randy Brewer                                                      2023

Daniel Rastatter                                                   2022

Rich Barger                                                          2021

Jim Shroads                                                         2020


Municipal Office Hours:

Monday thru Fri. 8:30am to 4:30pm.

Closed Sat. and Sun.


All offices are closed for the Holidays.


Times may very:

Anyone with business is encouraged to call ahead to confirm the office will be open, as the office staff attend meetings or run arrands          


Supervisors Meetings:

The supervisors meet on the second Monday of each month and the fourth Monday when needed at 7:00 p.m. in the


All meetings are open to the public with an opportunity for public comment.

805 Blackhawk Rd,

Beaver Falls, Pa 15010

Planning Commission Board: 

Made up of five board members responsible for reviewing development plans to ensure they comply with local zoning and subdivision/land development ordinances.  The Planning Commission is responsible for site plans, subdivisions, conditional use and rezoning.

The Planning Commission meet at the 
South Beaver Municipal building, located 805 Blackhawk Rd., as needed.


South Beaver Township

805 Blackhawk Rd.

Beaver Falls, PA 15010

724-846-9320  Fax 724-843-8997


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