South Beaver Township Ordinance

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Ordinance Book 2


Ordinance 35                           Flood Plain and Building Permits


Ordinance 36                           Compensation of Township Supervisors


Ordinance 37                           Amend Ord. #27 Relative to Police Pension

                                                  Program and payment of expenses


Ordinance 38                           Requiring Lessors to report status

                                                  of Occupancy on rentals 


Ordinance 39                           Police Protection for Darlington Borough


Ordinance 40                           Guaranty of loan for $50,000.00 by the

                                                  Pennsylvania Emergency Management

                                                  Emergency Management Agency to the

                                                  South Beaver Fire Company


Ordinance 41                           Authorization to participate in Pennsylvania

                                                  Local Government Investment Trust  (PLGIT)


Ordinance 42                           Creation of Pension Plan for full-time

                                                  nonuniformed employees


Ordinance 43                            9-1-1 Naming of streets, road signs, and

                                                  assigning numbers to buildings


Ordinance 44                           Regulatinging Municipal Waste Collection,

                                                  Transportation, Storage and/or Disposal of

                                                  Municipal Waste Generated, Collected or

                                                  transported from within the township or

                                                  elsewhere through the Township


Ordinance 45                           Regulating and Licensing of Junk Dealers,

                                                  Junk Yards and/or Recyclable Material

                                                  Collection Centers and/or Recyclable Drop-

                                                  Off Centers


Ordinance 46                           Compensation of Township Supervisors 


Ordinance 47                           Peddling & Door to Door Solicitation


Ordinance 48                           Guarantee on indebtedness by South Beaver

                                                  for sanitary sewers


The electronic version of South Beaver Township’s Ordinance’s is not the document of issue and the Township’s printed and published Ordinance will remain the primary source and document of issue for all purposes.


In the event of a conflict between the electronic version of the Township’s Ordinance and the official printed copy, the official printed Ordinance shall govern. The user is advised that there may be amendments to the Ordinance which have been enacted after the last revision date of the electronic version of the Ordinance